Douglas C. Bloom





Welcome to my web site. 

Artist Statement

In my current work I am seeking to idealize and capture the feeling of walking through the natural landscape. I am depicting events which are altered to further the connection between artist and environment. The energy of nature is visualized by using tangible light as it filters through the physical landscape. In some of the paintings, seismic light accentuates a moment which can only be held for a few seconds before it is lost as the light shifts. I am hoping to create an image that engages the viewer both visually and on an emotional level.

In an age where images are created on a computer, there is a level of craft that becomes paramount when presenting my work as a painting.  By manipulating pure paint, I create images that materialize and dissolve simultaneously in a way that references cinema and nostalgia.  While destroying the painterly pictorial surface, a new photographic image is created.  This, for me, is a metaphor for the destruction of traditional painting in favor of something new.  I am referring to the rise of contemporary art which is often built on the metamorphosis of ideas from previous art movements.  The relationships I am creating between abstraction and representation bring together art history’s past while at the same time originating a tributary into the contemporary. 


Please come to my upcoming show at Ruth Bachofner Gallery on July 26, 2014  


Staring at the Sky, oil on canvas, 16" x 20"