Recently published in Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 36!  Pages 24&25.

A juried selection of artists by Jessica Roscio, curator at the Danforth Art Museum, Farmingham, MA

My current work manipulates pure paint to create images that materialize and dissolve simultaneously in a way that references cinema and nostalgia. In an age where images are created on a computer, there is a level of craft that becomes paramount when presenting my work as a painting. While destroying the painterly pictorial surface, a new photographic image is created. This, for me, is a metaphor for the destruction of traditional painting in favor of something new. Color passages interrupt the paintings’ surfaces searching for new pictorial solutions.  In these investigations, questions are raised concerning the depth of the picture plane and the presence of abstraction. This relationship between abstraction and representation brings together art history’s past while at the same time creating a tributary into the contemporary.  #douglascbloom

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